empire sun walking on dream lyrics meaning

Empire Of The Sun Walking On A Dream Lyrics Meaning

In the realm of dreamy pop anthems and electronic beats, few bands stand out quite like Australia’s own Empire Of The Sun. Their debut album, “Walking On A Dream,” released in 2008, is a testament to their unique sound and captivating lyrics. One such song, with an equally mesmerizing meaning behind it, is the title track itself: “Walking On A Dream.” Today, we’ll dive into the lyrics and explore the possible interpretations of this enchanting piece.

Title: Walking On A Dream
– This phrase can be interpreted as walking through life with a sense of wonder, curiosity, and optimism. It encourages us to look at our surroundings in a new light and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us daily.

Verse 1:

“In the city lights where dreams are made of
We’re walking on a dream, walking on a dream”

  • The first verse sets the scene for the song by painting a picture of an urban landscape filled with neon lights and bustling activity. It suggests that this environment is where dreams come to life and anything is possible.


“We’re walking on a dream, walking on a dream
Don’t wake us up, we don’t want to leave”

  • The chorus emphasizes the desire to stay immersed in this magical world of dreams and not return to reality. This sentiment reflects the human longing for escapism and adventure, even if it’s just within our own minds.

Verse 2:

“In the city lights where love is made of
We’re walking on a dream, walking on a dream”

  • The second verse expands upon the first by connecting dreams with love. It suggests that when we’re in love, everything feels surreal and magical – just like walking on a dream.


“Oh, oh, oh, oh
We’ll dance in the city lights
And never look back”

  • The bridge is an invitation to leave behind any fears or worries and fully immerse oneself in this dreamlike state. Dancing under the city lights symbolizes freedom and joy, reminding us that sometimes we need to let go and embrace the unknown.


“Walking on a dream, walking on a dream”

  • The outro serves as a gentle reminder of the overall message of the song – to cherish these moments when we feel alive and connected to something greater than ourselves.

In conclusion, “Walking On A Dream” is a captivating tune that encourages us to embrace our dreams, both literally and figuratively. It serves as a reminder that life should be filled with wonder, adventure, and love – no matter how fleeting or surreal it may sometimes seem. So next time you find yourself walking through the city lights, take a moment to appreciate the dream-like beauty around you and let your imagination run wild.

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